Data Analysis & Controls Software Development

Motorsports and High Performance Applications


We offer consulting services for a wide range of control systems development, calibration, and data analysis needs. Contact us to learn how we can help with your project.

Data Analysis & Calibration Tools

We are in the process of developing software tools for common data analysis, calibration, and reporting challenges. Let us know what tools would be most useful for your projects.

Controls Strategy Development

We are experienced in advanced controls strategy development including anti-lag, traction control, torque control, etc. Let us know what functionality you need in your application.

About Competition Controls Groups

Competition Controls Group, LLC was founded in 2021 to provide professional level control systems design, development, and calibration. With a focus on motorsports engine control, our experience is wide ranging, including industrial test and automation systems. We are familiar with several of the most common motorsports engine controllers with projects spanning system design, control strategy development, calibration, and report generation.


Control Systems Design

  • Sensor, Actuator, and Controller Selection and Integration
  • Wiring Loom Design

Control Strategy Development

  • Mathworks SimulinkĀ® Based Functions
  • MoTeC M1 Build Functions


  • Engine Calibration Support
  • PID Calibration
  • Automated Engine Calibration Tool Development

Data Analysis and Report Generation

  • Automated Report Generation Tool Development

Software Tool Development

Report Generation Tools

  • Automate the process of generating reports from common data sets
  • Interactive reports or web based dashboards as well as static documents

Engine Calibration Tools

  • Use logged data to estimate and visualize an updated calibration

Custom Applications

  • Let us know of your specific needs

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